Geo Object Planner (GOP)

Geo Object Planner (GOP)

Geo Object Planner (GOP) is an easy and simple system, by which you can mark the locations and areas on the map.

The system is designed for those who need their own system where to build own markers and mark locations and areas. It is safe as for using, it requires authorization. There is an option to add descriptions and files to the marked places.

GOP is easy to use on desktop PC or as a mobile App on phone or tablet. Within mobile App the usage of GOP is really convenient, especially outside the office.

If you have any questions about the system or you would like to try it out, please contact us.

Main Features

Easy to use on desktop PC or using mobile App on phone or tablet

Access only by authorized users

Creating marker objects

Create own markers (dot, circle, polygon)

Caption, color and icon allocation to markers

Marking new location and areas

Attaching files to markers

Attaching descriptions to markers

Designed For

Small municipalities

Survey performers

Companies who need their geo object planner

Anyone who wants his own geo object planner

Desktop Gallery

App gallery